Our Mission

Mission Statement

  • GO is committed to delivering our creative vision in a way that is both artistically thoughtful and environmentally sustainable, reconciling stewardship of the arts with stewardship of the natural world. 
  • GO is committed to inspiring ownership of the emotions and narrative of climate change through our performances and outreach projects, cultivating a space in which audiences and artists alike are encouraged to talk openly and listen readily.
  • GO is committed to designing and delivering workshops to school pupils and students to demystify climate change for the next generation of artists in both practical and imaginative terms. 
  • GO is committed to engaging in partnerships and collaborations in order to share best practice, to amplify the important work of other green organisations, and to take a lead in sector-wide behaviour change. 
  • GO is committed to championing diversity and inclusion in the arts, recognising the intersectionality and unequal discrimination of climate change.
  • GO is committed to asking that our artists and partners actively work with us to reduce our environmental impacts, using contractual Green Riders where applicable.

Future Goals

  • GO is working towards accurately measuring our carbon footprint; by creating and adopting an environmental policy, sustainability will be integrated into all aspects of our work.   
  • GO pledges to communicate our green choices with consistency, transparency and intention.