A troupe of upper class boys tangle with a swarm of mischievous fairies as they try to woo the much-desired Phyllis. However, Phyllis is in love with Strephon – half fairy, half-mortal, a commoner and the nephew of the Fairy Queen. When the pompous men break up the happy couple, the fairies vow revenge. Frivolity ensues as lofty lordlings and feisty fairies collide in the ever bumpy road to love. 

Eleanor Burke and Aya Robertson led a cast of talented young singers in their digital production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s enchanting and satirical operetta Iolanthe. Video editing by Charlie Jonas.

This ambitious project was filmed entirely in lockdown and broadcast in 10 daily 10-minute episodes across our Facebook page and website from 12 September 2020.


Julia Portela Piñón – Iolanthe
Jacob Feldman – The Lord Chancellor
Michael Temporal Darell – Earl Mountararat
Samuel Kibble – Earl Trolloller
Maya Colwell – Queen of the Fairies
Christopher Head – Strephon
Danni O’Neill – Phyllis
Anna Llewellyn – Celia
Alexandra Beason – Leila
Seán Purtell – Private Willis


Emma Wagner – Red Velvet
Lily Mo Browne – Batte N Berg
Mia Serracino-Inglott – “Nut” Ella
Abbie Ward – Betty Crocker
Cassidy Stahr – Ginger Snap
Tiffany Charnley – Angel Delight
Richard Decker – Jammy Dodger
Adam Long – Hugh Massingbird-Massingbird
Andrei Smid – Horatio de Pamplemousse
James Ward – Barnabus “Barny” Alyonus-Ketteringham
Jonathan Whiting – Rafferty Moses Huxley
Robert Nicholas – Archibald Heverington-Nastyface

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